JMF Group Announces Major £250k Investment

JMF Group Announces Major £250k Investment

JMF Group, a signage firm in Newcastle Upon Tyne, has announced a major investment that will deliver significant efficiencies and enhance the quality of its products.

The fast growing company is planning for future expansion by adding state-of-the-art-equipment to its facility in the Swalwell area. Known for its premium signage materials — used for marketing purposes, signage solutions and retail POS — the company will now offer its clients an enhanced service.

As well as delivering premium quality on a consistent basis, JMF Group will now be able to deliver signage products with much shorter turnaround times. According to the company, signage manufacturing processes that previously took 90 minutes will now take as few as 15 minutes to complete.

Representatives from the business hope that this drastic reduction in lead times will allow JMF Group to handle much larger volumes and enhance customer satisfaction. Fewer errors and more accurate signage processes will, of course, also deliver a significant rise in quality and consistency levels.

Four of the new additions to the company’s signage operation firstly is the integration of the AXYZ INFINITE 6010 ATC and the 1530 PIRANHA ATC CNC machines which have significantly boosted productivity and efficiency within JMF Group. With advanced automatic tool change capabilities, these CNC machines have streamlined production processes, reducing downtime associated with manual tool changes and allowing for uninterrupted workflow. The precision and speed offered by these machines have enabled JMF Group to meet tight deadlines with ease while maintaining high quality standards. Overall, the implementation of these cutting-edge CNC machines has propelled JMF Group towards greater operational efficiency and competitiveness in their industry. With capabilities of cutting anything from 1mm – 50mm thick acrylics and aluminum from 0.7mm – 8mm thick to any shape desired they have proven to not leave clients short of options when it comes to CNC cutting.

Next is a modern Dual Output Laser Welder. Using this new technology, JMF Group can now weld stainless steel and aluminum with ease, creating more durable and precise joints. Up to 10 times more efficient than the company’s previous welding solution, the Dual Output Laser Welder creates welded surfaces that require no post-treatment processes. Additionally, the ALB (Automatic Letter Bender), this is the latest model, the innovative combo bending machine for spatial letters. It is a significantly modernised version with a very good reputation and popularity among professionals.

JMF Group’s investment is great news for the local area. According to company bosses, a range of new positions have now been created. The goal is to hire a dedicated team member for each piece of equipment. This approach to signage should deliver significant improvements to performance, output and workflows.

The addition of the CNC machines and the Dual Output Laser Welder and ALB (Automatic Letter Bender) machines has already set JMF Group apart in the North East of England. The company is believed to be the only signage specialist in the region to have all the new machines on site. This should give the firm a distinct advantage over its competitors — both in terms of industry leading quality and production efficiency.

JMF Group Managing Director, Jack Foggin, is optimistic about what this significant investment will mean for the signage firm. He said:

“This new investment in cutting-edge signage equipment democratises job opportunities within our workforce, as it empowers less experienced employees to undertake tasks that traditionally required higher skill levels.

“As a result, this investment improves our operational efficiency and promotes upward mobility and higher earning potential for our team members. We’re an ethical employer, and this investment allows us to enhance the culture of reward and respect at JMF Group.

“By significantly increasing our productivity and reducing turnaround times, we can handle a higher volume of work. And that’s great news for our clients. We can now meet tighter deadlines and deliver at scale without compromising quality. In fact, this new investment will increase quality across many product ranges.

“This investment lays a solid foundation for our growth and sustainability for the foreseeable future. It’s also a clear signal of our commitment to delivering exceptional signage solutions and keeping costs as low as possible for our clients.”

JMF Group has a long-term plan for growth and expansion, and this investment is only the beginning. The new equipment will complement the company’s existing operations — increasing the productivity, efficiency, and capacity within its Gateshead production facility.

This is positive news for everyone concerned. Not only are jobs at JMF Group now secure, but the firm is creating a range of new positions in its North East headquarters. In addition, businesses across the region and the UK will now benefit from faster turnaround times, enhanced product quality and greater capacities.

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