CAMO Digital Acquires Tekkers Media

CAMO Digital, a leading sports, lifestyle, and talent agency, is excited to announce its recent acquisition of Tekkers Media, a prominent football media brand based in London.

This strategic move further solidifies CAMO Digital’s position in the sports industry and strengthens its commitment to delivering high-quality content and engaging experiences to its global audience.

Tekkers Media has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional curation of the best football skills, goals, and news content from around the world. With a strong presence on various digital platforms, including social media, Tekkers has cultivated a loyal following of over 1.2 million football enthusiasts.

CAMO Digital Founder, Dan Cholerton, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the acquisition.

He said:

“We are thrilled to have acquired Tekkers Media. It’s a brand I have closely collaborated with for several years, and I truly believe that together we can reach new heights.

“As the football community evolves with emerging platforms and shifting social norms, we are determined to leverage our already established global following. The introduction of Tekhers, the women’s football  brand, is just one of many new communities we aim to nurture in the coming years.”

With this acquisition, CAMO Digital aims to harness the expertise and reputation of Tekkers Media to enhance its digital presence, expand its reach, and connect with an even wider audience of football fans. By leveraging Tekkers’ extensive network and content creation capabilities, CAMO Digital is poised to deliver immersive experiences and engaging narratives across multiple digital platforms.

Tekkers Media will continue to operate under its well-established brand, ensuring continuity and building upon the trust it has developed with its passionate followers. Through this collaboration, CAMO Digital and Tekkers Media will jointly develop innovative strategies, exploring new possibilities in the rapidly evolving sports and lifestyle landscape.

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