OnlyStats Launches, Providing OnlyFans Search and Analytics

OnlyStats has launched the most comprehensive and user-friendly search engine and analytics platform for OnlyFans.

With over 1.2 million indexed accounts from more than 200 countries, and over 400k free accounts, OnlyStats is set to revolutionise the way fans and creators interact with the popular platform.

Based in London, OnlyFans is a subscription-based site where content creators can host their work and earn money from subscribers (fans). Many YouTubers, models, fitness trainers and content creators use the platform to expose their work to a wider audience and monetise their profession. There are over 2 million content creators and over 190 million fans on the popular site.

OnlyStats has designed a platform to provide a seamless experience to users of OnlyFans. The new tool allows fans to search for OnlyFans creators using keywords, niches, age range, price range, and location. The search results can be ordered by price, relevance, or like count, ensuring fans find the perfect creators that cater to their interests.

Diving deeper, the platform offers unparalleled analytics, earning the title “SocialBlade for OnlyFans.” Each creator’s statistics page presents vital information such as name, bio, location, social media links, and subscription pricing over time. Graphical representations of post distribution and like count over time provide fans with a clear overview of the creator’s content and popularity.

Beyond personalised search capabilities, OnlyStats also curates exclusive content recommendations to enhance the user experience. Their dynamic lists showcase the best of OnlyFans creators across various categories, providing a one-stop destination for discovering the most engaging and exciting content. Users can immerse themselves in the diverse world of OnlyFans with ease, as OnlyStats brings the best of the platform right to the user’s fingertips.

The platform collects and updates creator data at random intervals. Data collection times are based on a creator’s popularity, with top creators having their stats checked and updated weekly, while smaller creators may only be checked and updated every few months. This system helps OnlyStats maintain the accuracy of their data and ensures the privacy and security of their users.

OnlyFans content creators can also use OnlyStats to bring their content to more users. The platform offers three promotional tiers to elevate creator profiles: Basic, Plus, and Agency. These tiers offer various levels of support, exposure, and direct access to OnlyFans pages, boosting visibility and engagement with fans.

The platform is very serious about the privacy and security of their users and has worked hard to ensure all necessary protection measures are in place across the site. OnlyStats does not store any private user information, including photos, on its servers. Instead, all photos are links to the official OnlyFans site. In addition, they extract age and location data from the user’s bio, and this information is not stored in a personally identifiable manner.

On top of the privacy and security measures in place, creators and users can easily remove their profiles from OnlyStats by emailing the support team. Furthermore, if a user deletes their OnlyFan account, their user page will automatically be removed from OnlyStats. The platform is dedicated to the privacy of its users and works hard to accommodate all requests for page removal in a timely manner.

OnlyStats is committed to giving back to the community. As part of their charity pledge, they will donate 15% of all revenue to various sex-worker safety charities, supporting the well-being of creators worldwide.

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