Sales Geek Launch Free Sales Training App

Sales Geek have launched a free app aimed at changing how people consume training and learn essential sales skills.
Sales Geek - Free Sales Training App

Sales Geek, sales training specialists, have launched a free app aimed at changing how people consume training and learn essential sales skills. The Sales Geek App contains hundreds of hours of short training videos, searchable by topic and instantly accessible on a phone, tablet or laptop.

Sales Geek Founder and Chief Geek, Richards Few said,

“For the first time sales professionals will have access to top level sales training for free. The Sales Geek App is essentially a sales trainer in your pocket, meaning you can access some key learning points or words of wisdom whenever or wherever you are. Imagine you are about call some potential clients and you want to brush up on some key closing techniques? The Sales Geek App has you covered.”

Alongside the training videos, sales professionals across the world have a forum within the app to share their knowledge, ask questions and collaborate. Additionally, there are dozens of podcasts with industry leaders in the app.

Daniel Snape, Director at Convenzis Group is one such member:

“The Sales Geek app has been a revelation at Convenzis, There’s great fun and engaging resources available for free and easy access to the academy, which is the best sales training I have done in 15 years of sales. My team have all been using the new app, it has changed their view on sales and even the non-sales teams have used the app and found it has improved their skills and the way they approach their own role.”

Chief Geek Richard has been thrilled with the reception from early adopters of the app:

“I’m delighted by the launch of the Sales Geek App this month and the feedback we have received has blown me away. This is the fulfilment of a dream and the beginnings of a new, hugely exciting, journey. Our big audacious goal is to have a million active users of our app by the turn of the decade. That’s how we change the sales world, and how ‘sales’ is perceived outside the industry.”

The multi-award winning company, based in Lancashire, England, is one of only 20 training centres worldwide accredited by the Institute of Sales Management which gives its seal of approval to the quality of training on offer in the app by the Geek team.

Chief Learning and Development Geek, Erik Pollitt explains,

“Our training team have hundreds of years of sales experience between them and have been in the same position our Hub members are right now. Whether they are a junior interns, global sales directors, CEOs or a learning and development executives, there is something on the Sales Geek App for everyone. We have broken essential sales learning into bite-sized chunks so sales teams can learn without the need to remove them from their core, revenue-generating work. Additionally to the App, organisations can bolt-on more formal bespoke training from the team via the Sales Geek Academy.”

The free Sales Geek App can now be downloaded via the Apple App store or on Google Play for Android.

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