Workplace Mental Healthcare Service Saved Businesses £7.5m in 2022

Thrive Mental Wellbeing has released its 2022 Impact Report which clearly highlights the positive effect of its mental healthcare services which has saved its customers £7.5m across the year.

Thrive Mental Wellbeing is the UK’s leading workplace mental healthcare service providing digital therapy and mental health support at the touch of a button to leading businesses in the UK, and across the world. Each year, the company analyses its impact to provide its customers and business leaders with valuable insight into the efficacy of workplace mental healthcare solutions.

The company’s Digital Therapy service provided a cost saving of £7.5m to its client base in 2022, with 57,000 workdays saved with absence mitigation. Across the year, its users accessed a total of 8,864 hours of therapy dealing with issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Users of Thrive Mental Wellbeing’s services had a significantly higher recovery rate against the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT[i]) average, 88% versus 51.6% respectively, with 54% of app users and 83% of app and therapy users seeking further help.

Andres Fonseca, CEO and Co-founder of Thrive Mental Wellbeing comments on the report:

“There are many things we are proud of when it comes to our mental healthcare service. From providing accessible support to individuals with our app and digital therapy, to our comprehensive webinars that educate and start important conversations, to working closely with our customers to understand their pain points and help them create a happy, healthy workforce. Throughout the year, user testimonials and feedback through our therapists reminds us daily why we do what we do. This annual impact report allows us to see where and how our support has made a difference. Although stigma is still prevalent, we are proud to be bringing mental health to the forefront of workplace conversations.”

During 2022, 93,761 assessments, 89,488 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Sessions, 14,654 Meditation Sessions and 79,424 goals were completed, with 23,054 Signposting Links also clicked by users.

Alongside the workplace mental healthcare services, the company operate a successful webinar programme for individuals who wish to learn more about mental health, with topics such as stress and anxiety attracting a total of 7,000 registrants throughout 2022. Anyone who would like to access the free webinars can find registration links on the company’s LinkedIn page or the company website.

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