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Write Again - Southport

Southport copywriting agency Write Again Ltd is offering to write two blog posts for just £100.

Until the end of June, Write Again is offering to write two blog posts for just £100 to help businesses share their news, introduce products or services, or additional business information.

Businesses will have plenty to talk about, from changes to opening hours to the launch of new products and services, so need to make sure that website visitors have the information they need and expect.

Whilst social media is popular, some people prefer to use search engines to find out more about the right products and services to meet their requirements and solve their problems.

Matthew James, the founder of Write Again Ltd, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to offer two blog posts for £100 to local businesses.

“It goes without saying that business owners in and around Southport want to generate sales immediately, and understandably some will be reluctant to spend time and money on their website now that they can trade in person.

“However, a website is still the first port of call for most potential clients and customers, and they expect the blog to be up to date. A neglected blog can lead visitors to think that the company is no longer trading or doesn’t value its website as much as physical premises or other forms of advertising.”

Matthew added:

“A simple blog post welcoming customers back shows that a business cares about its customers, whilst a more in-depth blog post could explain new processes or procedures, explain price changes or why delivery is taking longer.”

Write Again Ltd is proud to be Good Business Charter accredited, and Matthew is a ProCopywriters member and has over 15 years of commercial website content creation and copywriting experience gained from helping businesses of all sizes from tradespeople to Premier League football clubs.

Amanda Swift, Write Again Ltd’s director of operations, added:

“I’m delighted we can provide a cost-effective and timely way to help ensure businesses can promote their news and changes.”

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